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        Workers think they are healthy people

        Workers think they are healthy people

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          Workers are convinced that they are healthy employees despite smoking, doing a lack of exercise and being underweight, according to a new report by ORC International.

          The UK Healthy Workplace Survey found that 42 per cent of regular smokers felt they were healthy, 65 per cent of those who would describe themselves as underweight thought they were fit and 60 per cent admitted to doing less than three hours of exercise a week.

          Only 12 per cent of those interviewed admitting being unhealthy.

          Sally Winston, employee engagement expert at ORC International said: “Views on health don’t match the reality of behaviours. Employers can play a role in helping individuals to become healthier, through education, communication and by providing access to a range of healthy workplace initiatives.

          “Our research highlighted a definite link between engagement and wellbeing.”

          She said that this suggested that if employers show staff they care about their wellbeing, they are likely to be “better engaged, committed and excited about coming to work”.

          The survey also found that 24 per cent of respondents smoked regularly and 41 per cent drank alcohol on a regular basis.

          ORC International is a leading global market research firm with offices across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific region.

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