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        Working in third places is on the rise.

        Working in third places is on the rise.

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          The latest trend in mobile working seems to be working in a third place which is neither home nor the office, according to research from ZZA Responsive User Environments.

          In the survey, which undertook in-depth interviews with 17,000 business people worldwide, areas such as libraries, cafes and business centres were named as places from which to work.

          Benefits for the employee of using third places include increased productivity, a better work-life balance and less stress.

          As for the employer, they can experience less reliance on property, a more cost effective workforce and scalability.

          Convenient location was given to be the reason for working in a third place by 73 per cent of those surveyed those most still didn’t want to work from home, as they needed a non-domestic setting in order to concentrate.

          Laptops, mobile phones with internet and tablet devices are all helping the evolution of mobile working to become a reality.

          Ziona Strelitz, the report’s author, said: “Today’s dynamic technological, economic and social conditions create opportunities for individuals and pose new challenges for organisations.”

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