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        Workplace morale is “a useful precursor to success”

        Workplace morale is “a useful precursor to success”

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          Companies looking to improve productivity and success should look at boosting staff morale before anything else, according to the Cambridge Judge Business School.

          Shared offices which have low staff morale will be tinged with an air of lethargy and lack of purpose, meaning that it will be difficult for companies to progress effectively even if they are currently successful, Dr Ben Hardy from the body said.

          He added that hope, motivation, drive and enthusiasm would all be affected by low morale, and that could have a direct impact on the state of the workforce and the work they produce.

          Dr Hardy, who is a research associate in Neuroscience, Endocrinology and Finance at the Cambridge Judge Business School, said: “Morale is a useful precursor for success, but it doesn’t mean the two are going hand in hand. If you are being successful and everyone is praising you for it, and you have a sense of direction then morale can be high. I think it is hard to be unsuccessful and have no direction and have high morale.”

          The Private Business Forum recently reported that employees would feel more engaged and valued if they were allowed to get involved with strategic decision-making processes in the workplace.

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