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        Younger workers suffer frequent stress, survey finds

        Younger workers suffer frequent stress, survey finds

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          Those working in shared offices may be interested to hear that a global survey recently discovered that 40 per cent of workers aged between 18 and 29 frequently experience stress in the workplace.

          GfK NOP Engage looked at 30,000 workers in 29 different countries and found that younger workers felt stressed or worried about work much more than their older colleagues, as pressure is piled onto young and junior workers as companies tighten their belts.

          The report said that well over a third of younger workers felt that they had been placed under increasing pressure because of bigger workloads since the recession, but it added in commentary that this could be a false economy for employers.

          Sukhi Ghataore from the research company, said: “Businesses that view young staff as cheap and expendable may well come to count the cost. In the UK, we have a recognised ageing population and so the younger generations are becoming exponentially more important in the workplace, as well as to the nation. It is therefore crucial that they are nurtured, to encourage maximum productivity and retention.”

          Right Corecare recently said that younger workers were often scared to ask for help and support for fear of seeming incompetent. The company urged employers to recognise this and realise that young people in the workplace needed the most support in order to develop.

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