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        Feng Shui made easy: Spring-cleaning your office

        Feng Shui made easy: Spring-cleaning your office

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          It’s about time for the dreaded yearly clean-out – and we don’t just mean at home. Here are our top tips for cleaning up the office and giving it a little springtime ‘oomph’.

          It’s that time of year again: the sun’s beginning to peep through the clouds and you’ve got that spring in your step. But it also means it’s time for the spring clean – and that goes for the office at well as at home.

          So, how can you spruce up the office in the most stress-free way possible? We’ve got some ideas…

          Spring cleaning concept with supplies on wooden table

          1. Have everyone clear their desks of unnecessary items
          The only things within arm’s length should be things you need immediately – a pen, your keyboard and monitor, a telephone and a notebook, for example. That means that those stacks of paper last sifted through in early November need to go, as do the long-forgotten coffee cups and dried-out highlighter pens.
          Having everyone look after their own personal space makes light work of spring cleaning – as well as a big difference to the workspace.

          2. Create a colourful filing system
          Though it’s important to cut down on paperwork as part of cultivating an eco-friendly office, it’s not always easy to keep stacks of paper at bay. Why not create a filing system using large, coloured folders marked “Urgent”, “To Read”, “To Respond To” and “To File” (or whatever works best for you)? This will make going through paperwork seem less overwhelming – and it’ll certainly declutter your office space!

          3. Sort your digital clutter
          Digital clutter – that is, the reams of unnecessary files piling up on your computer – is just as bad as physical clutter in the workspace. Take this springtime opportunity to go through all your computer files and get rid of anything you don’t need. That goes for your emails too – and if you really feel like a challenge, you could create files for your emails, so you always know where to find the most important ones. Imagine the relief when everything’s in its designated place…

          4. Invest in a coat stand
          It sounds obvious, but a surprising number of offices don’t have coat hangers or stands for their employees to hang their jackets and umbrellas on. That means that everyone has their jackets on the back of their chairs. That’s not a problem in itself, but add April showers and suddenly everyone’s got damp backrests and puddles behind their chairs. By investing in a coatrack or stand, you’ll declutter the office and simultaneously make your employees a little more comfortable. Everyone’s a winner!

          5. Use disinfectant
          Germs spread like wildfire around workplaces, and coughs and colds infect every employee within about a week if someone comes in with a sniffle. By ensuring disinfectant is used on surfaces and desktop items, you can cut down on the number of germs around the office – and get rid of those coffee cup rings that appear relentlessly on desks.

          6. Sing and spring-clean
          Don’t worry – there’s no need to put on an office X-Factor. But popping on some music for an hour and asking everyone in the office to chip in to make the place spotless will make it a quick and easy job. Plus, everyone loves an excuse to get away from their desk and stretch their legs for a little while…


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