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        Five steps towards a greener office

        Five steps towards a greener office

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          There are so many ways that individuals, households and businesses can play their part in creating a greener world, and it’s becoming ever more important to do so (we’ve all seen Blue Planet!)

          Here are some of our simple top tips for making your office an eco-friendly space, keeping your co-workers – and the planet – happy.

          Waste stations at the ready
          Waste – and, in particular, plastic – has become a huge problem for offices and households alike.

          Ensure that you have a clearly-marked recycling and general-waste bin so that there’s no confusion as to what can be recycled and what can’t.

          Three different recycling bins


          You’d be surprised how much recyclable waste gets chucked in the general-waste bin and vice-versa, as people are unaware of what can and cannot be recycled.

          Recycled paper
          Not only is it important to recycle your own paper waste, it’s also a great idea to invest in recycled paper for your office printers. Not sure where to find it? There are various companies who specialise in ethical office supplies, so do a little research and find out which company suits you. Buying from local companies is also greener, cutting down on transportation!

          Of course, it’s best of all to try and cut down completely on the amount of printing in the office. Most things can be sent and viewed online, so try and challenge yourself and your colleagues to cut out as much printing as possible.

          Cut the commute
          For most people, commuting to and from the office is a daily occurrence. But do all your colleagues need to be on-site every single day, or are there certain things they can do from home?

          Allowing employees to work from home, even a few days a month, not only enhances their lives but cuts down on building resources and supplies in the office.

          If you can’t offer telecommuting, however, try and encourage employees to use public transport – perhaps offering incentives to use the bus or train – or even consider offering the Bike 2 Work Scheme and bike storage for staff who are interested in cycling in.

          Enjoy the natural light
          Ok, so even in the middle of the day during the winter months it’s so dark that it feels like the middle of the night. But when spring and summer come around, take advantage of the refreshing natural light and leave all the office lights off.

          If you must have the lights on throughout the day – perhaps your office doesn’t have sufficient natural light due to a lack of windows – then invest in some Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, which use 64% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They also last about ten times longer, so everyone’s a winner!

          Go green – literally!

          Jungle-up your office and introduce some indoor plants and trees. Creating a little green space in your workplace isn’t just attractive to look at – the plants actually absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the sometimes stuffy office air.

          Plants are becoming a popular addition to many offices, and a great way to give the place a modern makeover. Some of the world’s biggest companies are changing their offices up to make them greener, cooler and more modern.


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