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Suite 402 @ Minories, £686pws (12 month contract)
Suite 402 @ Minories, £686pws (12 month contract)
713 Minories, £463 pws (36 months)
713 Minories, £463 pws (36 months)
Suite 8.14, Euston, £789 pws (12 months)
Suite 8.14, Euston, £789 pws (12 months)
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Talking Points

May 27th 2014

How businesses can cope with football fever this summer

It probably won’t have escaped your notice that the World Cup is kicking off soon, and many of your staff will be keen to watch the matches. Although most games are on outside of normal 9-5 hours, law firm Adams & Remers said employers are ...

May 27th 2014

Putting the Sizzle in Sustainability

“‘Sustainability’ covers many subjects. It has become a bit of a catch-all word, replacing ‘protection of the environment’, ‘ecology’ and activity around ‘saving the planet’.” ...

May 20th 2014

Interns Exploited: All Work and No Pay

Almost a third (31.60%) of workers feel their interns are exploited Over a fifth (21%) of UK companies aren’t paying their interns Nearly a third of companies treat interns unfairly, according to a study by serviced office provider Business ...

May 13th 2014

Pros and cons of BYOD

A growing number of small businesses are adopting a BYOD (bring your own device) policy to save them time and money. But opinion is still divided on how beneficial it is. According to a recent survey from Dell, security breaches cost UK organisations ...

May 12th 2014

Confidence matters

Authors of The Confidence Code, a book recently published in the USA looking at The science and art of self-assurance – what women should know, have stated that evidence suggests that as we still strive for equality in the workplace, women ...

Apr 29th 2014

5 tips for tackling stress in the workplace

Stress could be costing business bosses dear in long-term employee absences, a new poll suggests. Nearly half of UK businesses (45%) rated mental health illness and stress as the primary reason behind staff long-term sickness. A further ...

Apr 01st 2014

Five ways to treat your workers

A happy worker tends to be a more productive worker. With that in mind, how can you ensure your staff come to the office each day with a smile on their face? A treat courtesy of the boss every now and again is likely to do wonders for morale and doesn’t ...

Mar 27th 2014

Is the office tea run a thing of the past?

According to UK charity, The Royal Voluntary Service, the humble office tea run could soon be a thing of the past. In the frantic world of the office worker, most would say that they simply haven’t the time to make a cuppa for a colleague. To coincide ...

Mar 25th 2014

Giving your office the ultimate spring clean

If the state of your personal workspace speaks volume about how organised you are as a person, imagine the impression that an entire office can give about your company. Daily office mess, disorganised files, a canteen pin board that hasn’t ...

Mar 14th 2014

Six ways the internet has boosted businesses

This week saw the world wide web turn 25 and while on a personal level, it’s difficult to imagine what life would have been like without Facebook, online shopping and search engines, it is arguably businesses which have gained the most from ...

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