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Suite 314 @ Aldgate, £704pws (12 months)
Suite 314 @ Aldgate, £704pws (12 months)
Suite 308 Watling Street, £563 pws (12 months)
Suite 308 Watling Street, £563 pws (12 months)
Suite 401 @ Aldgate, £492 pws (12 months)
Suite 401 @ Aldgate, £492 pws (12 months)
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Apr 18th 2018

Handling meetings in your second language

Business meetings can be exasperating and difficult for anybody, but trying to navigate them in your second language adds an extra hurdle to overcome. According to the Eurobarometer 386, 54% of Europeans can hold a conversation in at least ...

Apr 17th 2018

Focus on… website designers

BE Offices continues its regular focus on the most common small businesses in the UK. This week, we take a look at website designers. As part of an ongoing series, BE Offices focuses on some of the most popular small businesses. This week, we look ...

Apr 12th 2018

Which Friends character would be the best boss?

As part of our regular feature focusing on managers, we wonder which Friends character would make the best and which the worst boss. Friends left our TV screens 14 years ago last week. It was one of the most popular US sitcoms of all time and ran ...

Apr 11th 2018

Alternative away day ideas for team-building fun

Looking for some ideas for engaging away days, that are sure to be memorable and effective for your team? Here are some ideas for your next springtime outing. Since spring has (finally) rolled around, you’re likely thinking about organising ...

Mar 28th 2018

Client Informed Newsletter March 2018 – Coffee Break Answers Page

The March edition of the BE Offices and &Offices client newsletter is out now. Please see below for the answers to our coffee break puzzles and brain teasers. SudokuHidatoWord SearchBRAINTEASERS Darkness Phobia First mom and dad – ...

Mar 27th 2018

Going global – opening your company to the world through social media

Giving people insight into your team and how you work can be a great way to humanise your company and give it a personal touch. Here’s how to do it using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Literally opening your doors would be a logistical nightmare ...

Mar 21st 2018

5 steps to a more productive workplace

A more productive workplace equals a more productive workforce and will drastically improve the quality and quantity of work your employees produce. Here are five easy ways to create a more productive workplace. 1. Let there be light
No access ...

Mar 13th 2018

Changing career paths – your to-do list for making the move

Many people get the urge to follow a new career path at some stage in their lives. It can be a daunting move to make, but if you can gather the courage to go for it, you’ll never look back. One of the main reasons people become disillusioned with ...

Mar 12th 2018

Would P.T Barnum make a good boss?

As part of our regular feature focusing on bosses, we wonder what sort of boss The Greatest Showman’s P.T. Barnum would make. It’s based on the true story of P.T. Barnum and his Barnum and Bailey Circus, or “The Greatest Show on Earth”. ...

Mar 08th 2018

Celebrating International Women’s Day at BE Offices

Josephine Fairley, co-founder of Green & Black’s inspires women and men alike at BE Business Breakfast To celebrate International Women’s Day BE Offices welcomed the co-founder of chocolate giant Green & Black’s, ...

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Celebrating International Women’s Day at BE Offices


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