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Suite 17 @ Cheapside, £653 pws (12 months)
Suite 17 @ Cheapside, £653 pws (12 months)
Suite 324 @ WestPoint, Bristol, £206 pws (12 months)
Suite 324 @ WestPoint, Bristol, £206 pws (12 months)
Suite 410 @ Barbican, £421 pws (12 months)
Suite 410 @ Barbican, £421 pws (12 months)
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Sep 27th 2017

5 reasons to collaborate with other freelancers

Freelancing can be a solitary pursuit. Although it gives you more freedom and flexibility, you can feel isolated and wish you had more support. That’s where other freelancers can help… Freelancers are often seen as lone wolves, but there’s ...

Sep 25th 2017

Telephone box makes hi-tech reappearance – but it’s not red!

The telephone box has all but disappeared from our streets but today it is re-launched with a hi-tech makeover. BE Offices is installing office phone booths in all its pro-working breakout spaces. These new acoustic white booths allow people ...

Sep 20th 2017

What to consider before renting London office space

Thinking of renting an office in London? Take a look at our useful guide to find out what you need to know. Whether you’re moving on from your current premises or are relocating your business to London, there are a few key points to know when looking ...

Sep 19th 2017

Bristol businesses short-changed by latest Government internet connection initiatve

Bristol businesses are being short-changed by the latest Government initiative to increase internet connection speeds. The Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has announced the trialling of 1Gb connection speeds in Bristol ...

Sep 12th 2017

Focus on… marketing agencies

Continuing our regular feature focusing on some of the most popular small businesses, we take a closer look at marketing agencies. What do marketing agencies do?
These are the companies you go to in order to sell and promote your business. They ...

Sep 06th 2017

A guide to impressing your clients in the City of London

Want to impress potential clients when you’re networking in the City of London? Here are a few tips and tricks… Whether you’re in the City of London networking or your business is based in the area and you’re meeting with clients for ...

Aug 29th 2017

Who is your office’s unsung hero?

There always one person in your office that gets the work done without much praise. And your unsung heroes are more valuable than you’d think… A new study has put a value on the work done by our offices’ unsung heroes. Trainline for Business ...

Aug 22nd 2017

What not to include in emails

As the main form of business communication, what is said in work emails matters. So try and avoid any of the following when writing emails… Getting the balance right in the tone of your emails can be the difference between securing a contract ...

Aug 21st 2017

Focus on…quantity surveyors

Continuing our regular feature focusing on some of the most popular small businesses, we take a closer look at quantity surveyors. What do they do?
A quantity surveying firm calculates initial costs and manages all on-going costs on construction ...

Aug 18th 2017

5 ways to foster creativity in your business

Creative thinking doesn’t come naturally to everyone – but with a bit of encouragement and a few changes to your working practices, you can help boost your teams’ creativity. Small business often have to sacrifice a lot to meet deadlines, ...

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